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Expert data


We design and deploy modern data warehouse and analytics systems that support decisions today and anticipate tomorrow’s demands.

We build robust, scalable data infrastructure

Modern Data Architecture

We can help you provision and manage your data warehouse at scale to support your growth. We use Snowflake to build a secure, reliable, and flexible architecture that will scale with your organization. One Data Cloud platform, many workloads, no data silos.

Data Modeling with DBT

Building the right data models is critical to successful growth. We can help you develop a strategy with an eye towards efficiency, performance, and cost. We can also migrate and optimize your existing data models in dbt.

Centralize Data with Fivetran

Making sure your data is accurate and up to date is a critical step towards proper analysis. We can help quickly centralize your data before transforming it into business insights.

Tableau Dashboards and Reports

We specialize in Tableau dashboard development and dashboard tuning to support your reporting needs, from initial setup to embedded analytics.

Why 80/20 Analytics

Innovative. Creative. Effective.


We will move as quickly as you do. Lets us know what you looking for and we will architect the best strategy and data stack to make it happen.

Innovative & Efficient

We will help you select, develop and implement the right strategy and tools. From executive support to hands-on training, we will ensure you have the right people, process and technology to unlock the true value of your data.


We advise on recruiting & screening processes and enable & train your team to build a data-driven community that lasts and provide support whenever you need.


We use the most modern security and data governance practices in order to ensure that your data is protected, available at all times and can be used effectively by users throughout your organization.


Our team of world-class strategists and engineers is industry agnostic with a depth of experience in various verticals.

Ecommerce & Retail

We help you understand your customers, improve marketing performance and personalize communication.


We use HIPAA-compliant stack and modern data governance strategies to secure sensitive information.


We enable incredible organizations to use data to change the world for the better.

Other industries

Insurance, SaaS, Ed-tech, and everything in between.

Ready to start your data journey?